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open her mouth. She complied, and Mr. Matthews immediately extracted the
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deformities of nasal, buccal, and thoracic cavities, which are among the
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stinate disease known as true prurigo, which, arising without known
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* Read before the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, October 7.
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alteration to the regulations already issued in reference to
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these lesions give rise, as the primary effect, to over-repletion of this
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while it remained approximately normal in the other. The marked
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dulness in either flank, which is movable ; no distinct
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exhibits on quackery and superstition were drawn from the Food
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In the early stages the rule is more simple. Prognosis as to
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assistant holds the adhesions on the stretcher and they are cut, care
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show the effects of the paralysis of the Serratus Magnus in
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cffeft which depends upon many, whofe influence is often over-
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greatly improved, and the paralysis of the external rectus had
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oil, senna, and other allied laxatives, as, after its use, the constipation
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the ureters involves the risks of infection of a previously health) ureter and
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the second lives in the underclothing, and feeds on those parts of the
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Faradisation excited moderately strong contraction in the muscles of
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4th. — That abscesses are more likely to form and to rupture
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the cold bath, the employment of which in fevers has produced
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patient was directed to go to bed, and a diet of milk was prescribed. The
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would seem impossible that cases presenting so little mutilation as these
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In this connection, I may state that the liver and spleen of a dog
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|HTliaps, not destroveil. Purity of the water used as a drink may be an
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en tlierapeutique oculaire! N. Montpel. m6d., 1898, vii,
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sitting, still more rapid walking than standing, and still more rapid
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"in want of pungent odor; in the alcoholic The fifty-fourth annual meeting of the
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opposition of the parents. If every child suffering
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locomotor ataxia treated by suspension. Among these
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dissipation. He, himself, does not seek dissipation; but, having an