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thought that it would be necessary for the Government
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interview, and during the following few days the genesis was pene-
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some other form of dyscrasia, such as latent or hereditary
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cure in every case, and that medicines are only useful when it is indis-
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plainly labeled "potable" or "non-potable," the first being suitable for
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tion from Dr. Sayre. Mr. Adams t<>ld his visitor that he
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form, and finally, in some cases present an intercurrence of typhoid fever. The
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upon consultatitm it was agreed to give an anodyne composed of
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Ginger.— H., dr. 2-oz. 1 (gm. 8.-30.). C, oz. 1-4 (gm. 30.-120.). Sh. &
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rarely. One of the earliest workers on this subject, Polgu^re,
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Irwin, P^airfax, Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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dance of epithelial cells, no distinctly-marked tube-casts were found.
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been stretching to reach a book from a high shelf in his library,
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asthma, laryngitis and catarrhal diseases in general.
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gastric electricity is recommended for the restoration of tone.
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Hysteria Cured. — Very naturally, then, for Dr. Still
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vicarious bile elimination becomes effective very close to the source,
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three years, the other thirteen months old. She has
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is one of the most common of disorders. It is very natural, then, to
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easy article to manufacture. You can put this perfume up
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of either this cause or perforation. In a hosjiital case, in which death took
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of the fever and to the extent of the inflammation of the lungs ;
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drinks; he seems insensible, in a great measure, to his wants. If there is a
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practical application either in preventing, alleviatirg
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ing because it appears to show that variola in intra-
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insomnia, anorexia, etc. Her breathing and pulse were at times
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■with published matters iviiich can have nothing to do with
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generallj^ it is single, only one lid iJrooping. The pto.sis, like
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I didn't mean to take into the discussion after the diagnosis was
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body, and when a lymphatic gland is enlarged, locate the
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it (to the patient ) to drink fasting mixed with honey;