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The fetlock-joint is liable to inflammation of its synovial

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has lived more than two years after the Gerhardi re-

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introduced intravenously were rapidly destroyed. Although we

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injudicious, that he has not been enthusiastic, that he has not

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with other females. Latterly he has observed that his powers were

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secondary — primary, as is customary during an epidemic, when the patient has pre-

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ing an antidote to the poison. In Moscow, it is said that twe:

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It is especially this last that makes a division of these forms so diffi-

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vide the receipt.' These receipts are not found in the original issue of

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they are trying to put the Tooth Fairy out of business.”

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abnormally distinct, but not enlarged from a morbid deposit, or ulcerated,

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chains of micrococci in the fluid from unruptured vesicles and

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1892, xxxviii. p. 560 ; 1893, xxxix. p. 50. — 177. Morpurgo. Riv. sper. dijreniat. 1898,

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sufficient to excite a return of the vomiting. If this be fooud to occur, the

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The haemolysin I have used is that produced in broth cultures of Vibrio

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the susceptibility to the minor aihnents, no allowance being practical for

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instituted early enough. Etiology is obscure, but general opinion

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very nutritive. Cofflee and tea ought to be avoided, and cocoa or arrow-

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at 6 o'clock and 40 minutes. Eyes glassy and sunken ; pupils dilated.

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calculus was discovered on sounding. Lithotrity was performed

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Willis H. Crowe, Dr. Frank N. Loomis ; New London County,

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again two years later was readmitted with paralysis of the arm and leg.

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brought forward are that the much praised di-sodic-methyl-

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its height, there took place 580 deaths, of which influenza caused

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George Franklin Shiels, M.D., CM.. F.R.C.S.E., etc..

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which when magnified by a common lens had the appearance of glands, is

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35. WeingbergED. Iron and susceptibility to infectious disease. Science