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attention, resulting in ulceration of the cornea, and even threatening the

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On the morning of March 22, 1915, I was called to deliver Mrs. C. T.,

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of the Chest, Victoria Park ; Assistant Physician to the

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But similar symptoms- undoubtedly occur, occasionally, when

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and by steamers or other ships to various port.s on the Baltic,

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drying up of long-continued discharges from cutaneous eruptions,

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:/, breaches in the parapet w ere \'. ell ni.nked down and sprayed inter-

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trustees and stewards of the Ohio State Hospitals will he held at

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the i^ysiology of tibe voice. It is only in the cases in which the tumor

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bedclothes. In this way the tendency to internal congestion, upon which

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Under such haphazard and erroneous practice, is it remark-

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Tomiting. A sense of fluctuation may be felt when the stomach contains

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hemorrhage to be so abundant as to prove the immediate cause of death.

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diphtheria the sex was given, and of these 54 per cent, were in females and

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War Office to civilian medical men who might be willing to

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feature of the religion of the prehistoric Pelasgians

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jerks can be usually observed when the patient fixes an object in any

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tionaries and military officers, financiers, etc., we

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monary oedema is another intercurrent event which is liable to occur,

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cells 8,200, red cells 4,150,000, and color index 0.7 plus; the polymorphonuclears

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precisely when they are required. It may, perhaps, be useful to give an

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der may cause obstruction, partial or complete. However,

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absent in normal cases, and present in infantile atrophy, when

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is evident. Here, however, is a case that came under our observation

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I would now repeat for the hundredth time, that staggering

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simultaneous activity of the kinasthetic word centres.

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IV. Illustrative Cases Eczema. Cask 1. — P. W. O'X., a scIk^oI

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the etiology and the uncharacteristic pathological findings, the treatment is

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occurs in young adults, chielly in males and usually in individuals who