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concentrated form of the same exhalation from some moist surface
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of Mr. Burge with respect ti the propagation of cholera. In
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The remaining 7 patients were between the ages of fi^■e and sixteen years,
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the top of the head ; face long and thin ; eyes black; a grayish
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their very respectability, are not exposed to a number of most
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betes, in which the sugar eliminated by the urine is
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At my first visit, March 9, 1894, 1 found patient propped up in bed ;
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paroxysms, with their characteristic stages and other diagnostic features
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of the arm was negative for calcified vessels. Special examinations
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mixed by Nature with other principles in the form of
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usually is associated with degeneration, is probably the result
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were observed to recover speedily. Direct observations prove its action;
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from the blood itself. They are not essentially due to the vibra-
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ciate the significance of the indications of nature in
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which they have been committed for care and treatment.
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chemical action, through friction, or induction, and however
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with metastatic abscesses, is altogether different from com.