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and the rales, both dry and moist, are more numerous, especially at the base
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convenient. Advertising sheets are interspersed in the most
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The paper was discussed by Drs. Currier and Jewett.
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originally admitted with sloughing sores on and about the vulva,
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carditis following cardiac surgery, Circulation 15:
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tion of the size of the liver in cases in which this affection was 9«ppo«»iJ
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fere with the subsequent recovery, and extraction was
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— in a decrepit old plane that had literally been
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nel for faecal matter being diverged, the growth in the rectum
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centre, and it is tightly wrapped from apex to base with strong
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collected when his medical attendant enters the room. But he soon
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begun about an hour before, according to the nurse. The speech and
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remarkable paper, which may be considered as the basis of the
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which is menorrhagia. There is hyperpemia not only of the ovary but of
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was black ; the lips, cheeks, and eyelids were greatly distended ; and the nose
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admission, and yielded, but not until the lapse of a considerable time, to
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-across the neck, and again down the left arm, where it ceased.
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When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.
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Tolring a tendency to disease is transmitted from parent to offsi)ring.
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the whole of its powers to be utilized." — Druggists' Circular and
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"Grows in the sandy soils of the Islands of Georgia and
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diaphanous celloid bodies ; and, 3d, numerous free nuclei, as in Figs.
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sort, trypanosomes and other protozoa may be agglutinated.
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m the West Indies, where she remained during the first twenty years of her
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patient. He should diminish the amount of cardiac work
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cylindrical percolator and macerate and percolate as before, using
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investigation Mr. Saltmarsh gave it as his opinion that the cause of the