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the same fibrous structure as the cells themselves." It seems prob-
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The advertisement sheet belongs to the business department of the Journal, and
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stand his falhng into such serious errors by remembering what a
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largely rewritten. London : John Bale, Sons & Danielsson, Limited.
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ulcer that not so very rarely a duodenal ulcer is found in a female
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according to age and strength, the the medullary canal The plug
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occurrence of the last attack of any kind, and then to spend another
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in oily solution give rise in some lepers to inflam-
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1900. After graduating he specialized in natural science and
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starting from the normal vessels of the subjacent serous membrane,
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258-262. — Hntchinss (Ii. 11.) Physiology of exercise.
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The patient was immediately transferred to the General Hospital,
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cold climates ; so, if a woman lives in an atmosphere artificially
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excitement of the uterine system at what would have been, in the unimpreg-
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versa), an atrophy equal in all parts of the entire nerve distribution to the retina.
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In order to cover the defect, a flap was transplanted
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Art. 10. — Tlie Treatment of Hyperpyrexia, as Illustrated in Acute
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reflexes are present. The teeth are in fair condition, though
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that it would have been a success. But in saying this,
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PLEURISY— PLEURITIS.— Pleurisy is an inflammation
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Rabies: General Considerations, 36; Period of Incubation, 38;
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Sanitary Association returns; but under the combined
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commanding officers will issue to members of the Hospital Corps
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appointed Professor of Medicine in Marischal College in 1717,
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An Introductory Address on the Training of Body and
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they have performed in arriving at their correct conclusion. Some men appear
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the alveolar epithelium, in which the nutritional disturbance results in a
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and as Basedow's disease by the German-speaking people, is primarily
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