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of the right hemisphere was found to be softened, and there
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acromial dislocation of humerus. Lancet. Lond., 1887,
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parts of the body. For example : Inspection as a rule reveals
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toration followed an attack of whooping-cough. In 1897 enlargement
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cally reached by a well written argument. This being the difficulty, the treatment
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albumin three and a half hours before the fits. In cases previously
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ing are induced by very trifling causes ; a slight current of
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In these incipient cases physical signs and microscopic
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overflow in admiration of said caricature. The late publications of
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ABDOMEN. — About twenty ounces of serum in the peritoneal cavity. The
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If the kidney were left in the animal, as in the human subject, this
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January 10^ 1887. — Orthophoria, esophoria in ace. 5°, ab-
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whole system of Alt-Scherbitz and the colony system uf Fitz-
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equal parts, one of which is heated to 54° C, and both then placed in a
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only with the cow, the eruptive disease produced in this animal either by
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not give advice to laymen as to particular cases or recommend indi-
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cer curer" penetrated half an inch more (skin and gland, generally near the areola;
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The time allotted for a paper is not sufficient for a thorough
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two centuries ago, to avoid the use of active cathartics in this disease.*
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■n,i- 1- n, ex., Hen, meduun t.,r anaer.,be- md -ui,- H . Utam uell.
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because I only dealt with the preamble, the effect of it is to
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other method of treatment did. The relatively greater de-
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compressed and adapted to the for.m of the aperture. Indeed, the
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Case VII. — In January, 1852, Mr. Jones excised the knee-
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or centimetres, as preferred, can be readily arranged on
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shot wounds of the head, have been considered apart from general injuries, as a
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ular or capricious appetite, dirt-eating, eructations, sensibility of stomach
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Low 6 reports a case in which the pathologic findings were quite
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have gone on in the most superficial layers of the medullary substance,
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Romberg, is an example in point: " .\ diagnosis of measles without eruption .seemed
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In addition to the usual forms, the B. typhosus is sometimes very short, or
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