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3. The annual assessment should be paid in advance,

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however, we meet constantly. Such risks we must take in the

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Precautions: Use cautiously in patients with impaired

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combated by elimination, which can be obtained from the

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Mr. !)]•; SanTI said lie did nut think tlie nietliotl used in the casi> liiul

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to suggest an affection of the lungs. Pain is usually present when the

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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the

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prone to run into gangrene, and that they are otherwise tedious

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he was able, in the course of an hour, to charge thirty-eight points with

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4. It also, further, restraineth a running of blood

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figures are carefully examined, it is surprising to find how many of the

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As the disease becomes chronic, defective nutrition, gen-

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pain ; for it can be well understood how the gauze roller acts

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1. Diseases of the Pelvic Connective Tissue. By A. V. Ros-

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abdomen blood gushed out in great quantity. The left tube had

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Morphologic Characteristics. The typhoid bacillus is a plump rod, 1 to 2 //

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A child, aged 4 months, was brought to the Hospital, as an

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Lotion (see Prescriptions, in back of book). If inflammation

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took place if the animal was allowed to live. I would also call

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man. aged twenty six years, with all the usual symptoms of typhoid fever,

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in comfortable relationship with the stump-bone. For this

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" The tissue is composed of spindle cells, with long processes, and

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order will best serve to set forth the most important steps.

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in the same period there had been ninety-eight admissions, anil

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except of course in organic disease of the nerve itself.

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convenience, and in certain cerebral and spinal affections, a

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these limits there might be much of movement, of change,

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Original Papers ; the exhibition of Patients, illustrating rare

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ported several wlu-n. after ilciitli, no lesion was dis-