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this he determines to be 102 lbs. per square inch. From

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This plant is found growing in swamps and moist places,

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an alteration of the blood as produces disease of the kidneys.

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These can be seen in the section, which is taken from the uterine wall.

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bases very considerably above the normal. Whether^ however,, this

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had been taken. In others, without any such effusion into the mouth,

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and the affection of the inner ear must be referred to constitu-

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New York Academy of. Medicine, alluded to the great

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want. If we ever accomplish anything along this line, Ave will have to

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have a sort of procedure like that pursued by Harvard College in their

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oon\vIuUv>i>. aiivl in nghi-hainied {arsons is found on the left

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Thk Serum Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis. — G. Zanoni

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They are not readily absorbed, but tUore are grounds for believing that

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water, then put in the sugar and coffee. Strain it through a cloth into a

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advantage. It is astringent and sedative, diminish-

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districts, where the population is scattered, and among hamlets and farms

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done our duty as a Board of Examiners. I have spoken to several members

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probablj' its spread towards the ca;cum was favoured by the presence

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that these threats might be carried out any dark night.

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bably in most part) from the persons of the workers, while there

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The acutenefs and indefatigable -..ctivity of the mind of Lin-

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of consistent, pus-like lymph of about two lines in thickness, extend-

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frequency of micturition, associated with marked vesical and rectal tenesmus.

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The fluid generally escapes from both nostrils, although it may be more

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After duboisia, the symptoms begin in about half an hour, and reach their

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the disease; the father not having bad primary symp-

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ually from the intestines." [Edinburgh Med. Journ., Yol. Ill,

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aromatic stimulant and stomachic. It rarely causes any

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bv glasses and by time. Arch. Pediat., JJ". Y., 1893, s,