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more perfectly and without any interruptions by Komanowsky's

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amount of urea is increased, particularly during the

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by Dr. Bullard and other members of the hospital staff.

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cent., development ; sulphate of zinc, carbolated, one

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weeks could not in many cases be felt. Attacks of pain in the upper abdomen

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tances, extraneous to the heart : by mere posture sometimes, or

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The endotoxines and bacterial proteids are poisonous substance

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southland, the children are better off in a good textile mill of modern

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digestive organs : the appetite is poor, the bowels are constipated,

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is now a well man. He had no trouble in giving up tobacco.

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I hope that the u^e of library books will be improved on account of the Insti-

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may judge by the limitation of the morbid process), that if we admit their

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improTcment that the deformity was scarcely noticeable in many

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changes in the character of the respiration. On the

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M. Tatloe, of Richmond, Corresponding Secretary : and Dr. R.

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ver Street, Boston, Mass. Also an extensive assortment of Botanic Medicines, and

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basin, the object of which was to check uncontrollable

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student, he may fail at the critical moment, a life, two lives,

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inevitable. The occurrence of an intense bronchitis is also favored by condi-

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out of the twenty-three sundry causes accounted for in the report, this last

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the mouth, in small do-es, or, as he has found better, boracite. The

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comes so severe as to be almost imbearable, as I can testify

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calculus was discovered on sounding. Lithotrity was performed