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because of the practical arrest of the intestinal contents

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attached to it varied according as the stimulus was applied at a distance fh>m or close to the

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ous. As a result of this set-to he was discharged from the home for disorderly

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the temperature having risen to 106° immediately before

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numerous as to completely fill and distend the gall bladder. Their

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malized sulphuric acid, rich in nitrogenous substances,

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diphtheria was epidemic, the type of any ordinary sore-

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than twice as often in males as in females. Though the carbuncles

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Then the operator holds the suture of the funnel and cuts the

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six years, to 347; in 1860, ten years more, to 250. A loss in six-

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showed ulcerative urethritis, diphtheritic cystitis, pyelitis, and

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of milk — so far as infants are concerned — are

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manner recognize the service to the Society of Earl

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was well shown in a patient under my observation who had rejieated

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the cavity. Very excellent results followed these measures. The author

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smell of resin. It was part of a resinous composition which had been used tor

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to the treatment of that most prevalent and fatal disease,

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that injury or disease be left to itself, or only so managed as the patient's com-

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by resorting to this method of treatment. He had not

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ological processes, requires for its completion from one week to a fort-

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intermediary determination of the total amount of the program

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stimulator, bin then this duration decreased despite-

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Tubercular patients must be cared for carefully in this

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hold the joints properly. These three elements combined