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grief or anxiety, will often produce a striking temporary rise of pressure.

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might be better filled. They are well enough in themselves,

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the "indurative bronchiectasis," in which a thickened membrane

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that if this pressure be continued firmly enough it would not be difficult to

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the Xonne reaction was only slightly' positive, the gold reaction

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shortly after their entrance into the eighth cervical and first thoracic roots.

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We need not labour the point, and it is clear that the stress laid in recent

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fundamental importance in this connexion (' Beitrage zum Problem der Korper-

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often found in connexion with amenorrhoea — in which cases,

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quality or its nature 1 It is this knowledge alone which enables one to

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should be regarded in the same light as theft. For the indig-

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containing coagulable proteins, the hydrolysis of which by proteolytic

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which died from the second and third intoxicating dose of egg-

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lipoids. In a quantitative sense the haemolytic power of such an antiserum

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and continuing the incision into the duodenum, discovered a

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May 7. Hemorrhages early this morning and again at 1 p.m. Blood

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problem. What is the nature of this process of setting or tuning ? Can it

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six sudden deaths are presumably from angina pectoris or

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of the brain to the superior longitudinal sinus are the source of the blood.

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length of time before death during which any symptoms reasonably

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tigrade thermometer of Fortin suspended at the side of this

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the duodenum drawn up as close as possible to it and sutured in position.

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with Frowh Rile, Zoit. f. cxpor. Path. u. Tlu-r.. 1912, xii, 400.

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deemed such : the deeper in the Thorax the complaint the

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arm. Objectively, the acuity for touch and pinprick were unaffected.

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increased by small doses of alcohol, but this fact is less and less apparent as

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of the puberty gland were true, this interstitial tissue ought to have been

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about 4 a.m., becoming severe; it was generally associated with vomiting and would

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be specially indicated in cases where measles is particularly dangerous, viz.

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the solution assumes a pale rose color, then the color becomes

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up, where no sloughs or exulcerations could be seen in the

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Hunden in Blut und Muskelgewebe angehauften Retentionsprodukte. [Effect

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nothing diagnostic. The author states that though emaciation and pallor

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the progress of the disease. Man, however, as compared to the

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the 127 cases that had bleeding, we find that the mortality of the

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self may be honoured. The question recurs, how may this be

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moving it if practicable ; or if this cannot be done, to establish