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it was not perfect; it was a shame; perfect it should be, — as

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cussion resonance. The recent eruption of tubercles

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should be supplemented till they became an income of £100 a-year,

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disturbed, and consequently acts noxiously upon the

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Diagnosis. — The decision that myelitis is the cause of partial or complete

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supervision. Patients with a history of seizures or epilepsy should not be abruptly

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in a generic sense, for any skin lesion. Creighton, who has

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stood that A, who has bad powers of recuperation and an

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points to the danger incurred by the distribution of recruits

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labours, all of whose children, when unwell, had for years afterwards

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held them altogether from the dominion of previous habit.

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is not only no cachexia, but nothing to indicate that

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Also, transl.; Skandin. Arch. f. Physiol., Leipz. ,'1891, iii,

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In Chapter XII. Dr. Pilcher treats of "the relief of disturbances of

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At the request of many. Dr. Park consented to commence

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over the colon, and was intense. She was confined to bed for about six

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extent of from eight to ten drachms in the apyrexia, effects a cure in a certain

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Twelfth District — Dr. A. T. Holbrook, of Milwaukee, for six years.

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lieved that the subdivision of the cerebrum into physiological

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pected some trouble in her confinement ; ^e had an oper-

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advisable to hold consultation. At this time it was decided to

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grains of ingluvin. He was directed to return in four days, but

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" arrested cases," 37 as " much improved," 17 as '' improved,"

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This was remarkably exhibited in the summer of 1849 — when owing to his un-

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Dr. A. G. Gerster gives 43 cases with 4.65 mortality.

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is most interesting, the cat was none the worse of the operation,

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it presents certain characteristic appearances. The cavity may be of