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with which the men were discharging this duty, when I was passing
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Made by the action of a hot solution of sodium carbon-
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The present sanitary condition of the regiment is very satisfactory
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& "Wells, Publishers, New York.— On Medical Provision for Railroads, &c. Two Papers, b7
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Gradu iting Cl.i.«s of tlie Berkshire Medical College, by Prof. Wm. Warren Greene. — Hints
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chloride. 2 Na CI + H,S O, = H CI + Na HSO, ; then :
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citement; pulse 70, full and moderately strong; hot skin; dusky
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Bleeding was resorted to in this case to relieve the brain from
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lead and mercury salts," and hastens elimination in poison-
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cient and easy of application, and might be employed with advan-
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rapidly contracted. Now (July 4th) the cavity is nearly filled up,
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the constitution of the blood is generally altered in two ways :
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the cerebellum. It is quite easy to demonstrate this fact with the
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drachms each of lead acetate and zinc sulphate to a pint of
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" Allusion to one popular notion, however, may be ventured here, if only to
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ated lard or vaseline. CreoliQ solutions (3-6 per cent.),
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properties: — it should — A. Instantly destroy or mask bad odors; B,