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a thin skin, Which after it has fo flood for a good
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does not appeal to me. I have never used subcutaneous injec-
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cinths, and the Flowers are fomething near in refem-
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approach r/ Winter, from which rife up fappy reddijh
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which then ha* quite loft ns frefh color , which the
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of the bottoms, as the Blood ol Parfneps-, it is Diure-
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it ftrengthens the Heart, revives the Spirits, recre-
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1 , e IS eit / 1 . e L ot a g rc ‘ en > °r- grey, or yellow
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or elfe variably mixt , of white , with a fine redd ft?
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Physician, Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.
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gistic treatment of the first part of the century and the succeed-
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is nor fafhioned into a round Globe like form, with
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Crifpnefs, then (trained out and repeated 3 times ^
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gastric colic, in wliicli without apparent cause there occur attacks
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Single Kind ; but in this confifts the chief difference,
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Vertigo, and other Difaffe&ions of the Nerves, be-
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lential and Infe&ious Difeafes, having all the Vir-
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of obstruction not accompanied by polyp growths the same oper-
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hefides which it potently refills the Scurvy, Droplie,
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ill long round Pods, the Flerb and every part there,
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in this place, the chief of which are the three fol-
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Branches , fifing up about 2 Feet high , ( efpecially
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eight or nine fmall , i'mooth, green Leaves, finely
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7 iea cie-M uftards, in which the Seed is contained, no
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alfo, more nearly refembling a Goats Beard , (which
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lejfer than Cinkfoil, yet are fomething larger than
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fpiked head, which fticks fo fait to their Garments
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quire no treatment ; the others require the passage of sounds
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Dr. Madhouse moved that the future volumes of the Proceed-
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fmall black Seed, like the firft. Columna will have
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graduated from the Medical Department of Dartmouth College
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as non-syphilitic or para-syphilitic, has widened the degi'ee of inci-
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ny places of England-, the fixth, feventhand eighth
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The Connecticut Medical Society does not hold itself
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deposit it upon food articles which would infect when coming in
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Emp/afier according to Art, aiding the Oils of Sweet
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and Virtues of thefe are the fame with thofe ot the
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but thofe which are on the Stalks, are Jhorter , nar-