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Dr. Nathan Smith in the Professorship of Sargery in the Medical Institution of

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year. These cases are usually very mild ; the spasm is usually confined to

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with Col. Stone, of the city of New York, while under the influence of

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as they often are, with good or ill, according as they are appKed with or

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arachnoid and other membranes of the brain, and is accompanied with

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Aberdeen issued the following order: "The said day it was statut and

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still continue to exist, proves nothing in its favor, inasmuch as they

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considerable amount. Sucli accidents as these must be of exceptional rarity,

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as it may be, the right shoulder and the left breast — the pressure being

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given in the Intervals of the publiclectures, every week ^ay. *

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For further information, apply to either of the subscribers. JOHN JEFFRIES. M.D.

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flammation ; at least, this is evident at their commencement, in regard

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Hydrocyanic AAd, as a Topical Remedy in Cutaneous Diseases, — ^In

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diately look place. The ioflammatioo rapidly diminished^ the deposit

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Sanguineous congestion consists not only in local plethora, bat al-

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chocele. — A case of incessant vomiting, during pregnancy, which termi-

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the right axilla. The man was discharged cured on the forty-fifth day..

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are appended to these lectures, which are sufiliciently plain to convey the

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RdrecUfot lavalida, — Practitioners desirous of procuring a temporary

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nor do we intimate, that this champion — possessing more moral honestyy

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heat occurs to a considerable extent from the lungs, but is chiefly due to radiation,

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that agency is a fluid, since the impulsion of fluids against each other

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cases, viz. blood poisoning or septicaemia. How to obviate this will best be

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ing tit Slate that it has met the decided approbation of Sir Asiley Cooper, of London, Edward Delafield

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t Baynton says, that by adopting this method the necessity of confinement

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covered from the severer symptoms in a very short time ; relapses,

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cuilly of t\m science of human life ; and, in their turn, will be the pro-

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wrongly as a potent agent in producing monstrosities. Coiling of the

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to all these cases. They call for generous diet, fresh air and good hygienic

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make full inquiries before embarking on such projects.

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dients ; also by the excessive use of any narcotic or intoxicating sub-

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lung, divided the same rib near its curvature towards the spine, and

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